The Silver Dolls may be counted among the few currently particularly interesting German post rock/indierock acts. In their very own way they've been developing an edgy, loud and noisy style inspired by New York No-Wave and Indie bands of the last 30 years. Melodies are mixed with disharmonies and sometimes abstract rhythm patterns and do still remain catchy songs. One might hear some Sonic Youth in here but simply comparing them wouldn't do justice to the four piece from the deep south of Germany.

Hailing from one of the most forlorn places in Bavaria, a fairly rural area near the Czech border, the guys realized soon there was no other way than running things themselves. Without any local clubs, record labels or record stores around they just made things happen and they still do. From recording most of their tracks in their own studio, screen printing their cover artworks and posters to releasing their records on their own label Azetti Records. Over the last ten years, they did release two albums on vinyl plus another two albums on CD. Currently they're extending their truly independent universe adding a new aspect to their shows: visuals. Working with different visual artists for their live performances they're adding a new dimension to the overall picture. (Martti Trillitzsch - Maekkelae)